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City girls entangled in a web of cyber crime
HYDERABAD: An industrialist's daughter studying in a reputed college in the city is a regular pub-hopper. Nothing wrong with that. Every time she goes out pubbing with her boyfriend during weekends, someone e-mails photographs of the couple to her father.
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MMS Clips are About Money as Well
Hyderabad: A steamy MMS has been jamming the mobile networks in Andhra Pradesh.
Engineering students of a Hyderabad college were unknowingly filmed in the act and it's not the first time such an incident has been reported. However, this isn't just about voyeurism, it's about money.
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Cyber Crime Police to investigate into Guntur Infonet Cyber cafe crime
Guntur Superintendent of Police B Shivadhar Reddy said that a case was registered against Cyber cafe owner Rafi who is believed to have blackmailed a girl back in February 23 but Rafis is now out on bail. Now that news spread out that video clips of girls in indecent acts were available on CD's and on blogs and porn sites on the internet has spread, focus is back on cyber cafe's and how they are managed.
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